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Bursary applications are now closed. Thank you for your submissions.

Bursary selection criteria

Criteria include:

  • The applicant has an abstract accepted for oral presentation or for a five-minute presentation.
  • Preference will be given to applicants from low and middle-income countries.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who have not received a bursary from the SVRI previously.
  • CV and letter of support from the applicant’s organisation/institution where the applicant is working/studying.
  • Motivation for attendance submitted.
  • The applicant is willing to act as an ambassador for the SVRI at the Forum and agrees to the expectations set out below.

Types of bursaries

Young Professionals Mentoring Programme (YPP)

SVRI Forum’s Young Professionals Programme provides young professionals from LMIC, to expand their knowledge and skills-base, and to network and engage with experts in a vibrant global space. With the help of this programme, we have seen many young professionals deliver high-quality presentations at the Forum and have seen growth in their personal and professional lives.

We have made friends for life. We are excited to meet again and travel together. We are staying in the mood! SVRI Forum was specific to topic and event. It was the best academic event I ever attended” – YPP mentee

“It’s not easy for young researchers to meet more senior researchers. The SVRI Young Professionals Programme provided this platform for me” – YPP mentee

SVRI first introduced this Programme at the SVRI Forum 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa, where four young professionals were mentored by experienced researchers to confidently and successfully deliver their presentations at the Forum. In 2017, the SVRI supported six young professionals to attend the SVRI Forum in Brazil, expanding the programme to include Spanish and Portuguese speaking mentors and mentees. The success of this mentoring model paved the way for the SVRI Forum Young Professionals Programme, which not only provides the opportunity for Young Professionals to present at an international event and to receive guidance on their presentations in the run up to the Forum this year, but also to participate in networking events to learn from experienced professionals at the conference.

“I was introduced to a researcher who I am now talking to about co-authoring a paper on Femicide. I’ve also received bibliography from a professor very knowledgeable and although I’m from Latin America, I’m considering applying to his Australian University” – YPP mentee

The SVRI uses our toolkit for ensuring the ethical and meaningful engagement of young people at international events to ensure young people’s rights are upheld during our events. Our toolkit is available online here. SVRI has also developed a set of principles to guide delegate’s behaviour at our events – for more information visit our Code of Conduct page.

VAW Bursary

People from low and middle-income countries working broadly on violence against women, and who otherwise might not be able to attend are invited to apply for a bursary. Please note, that preference will be given to people who have had an abstract accepted for presentation at the Forum.

VAC/CSA Bursary

We invite applications from practitioners, researchers, and activists working in violence against children. We especially encourage people from low and middle-income countries working on VAC/CSA who have had an abstract accepted for presentation at the Forum to apply.

“A huge thank you to the SVRI committee for the honour and immense opportunity of the bursary. The organisation, atmosphere, knowledge/experience sharing were second to none. All sessions started punctually and were delivered to the highest level possible. It was a unique adventure which I hope to live again soon. I made wonderful friends and was able to place my research into a broader context of global health” – Bursary delegate

“Everyone in the bursary group were diverse and interesting and mostly young. It was easy to connect on many things and they were super nice. I made friends and had fun. It was great staying together, having breakfast together and practicing presentations together. Wish we could have seen each others’ presentations” – Bursary delegate

What is expected of bursary delegates?

Before the SVRI Forum:

  • Bursary recipients must have valid travel documents and are responsible for obtaining appropriate travel approvals to attend the conference.
  • Bursary recipients may be held liable for any/all expense incurred if awardee does not attend the conference. Cancellations must be communicated one month before the event to avoid liability costs.
  • Priority will be given to applicants from low- and middle-income countries who will not be able to otherwise attend the Forum.

During the SVRI Forum:

  • Bursary recipients will be required to attend an opening meet and greet. More information will be provided by the SVRI.
  • Bursary recipients will be required to act as SVRI Forum Ambassadors through live tweeting of sessions, and sharing posts and photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A social media plan will be shared prior to the event.
  • Bursary recipients will be asked to provide a blog post of their learning and experience at the SVRI Forum 2022 and provide a short-written summary of one or two parallel sessions at the Forum. SVRI will communicate directly with you in this regard.
  • Bursary recipients will receive Standards of Behaviour for the conference and will be expected to honour this.
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