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SVRI Forum Code of Conduct

The SVRI Forum endorses freedom of expression as an essential principle in improving the lives of women and children and in promoting full participation in Forum 2022

The SVRI Forum adheres to the highest ethical standards underscored by feminist principles, kindness and empathy, and the ideal of the broader social good. Read more about the SVRI’s core values here.

SVRI Forum encourages debate and open dialogue as key elements of participation, among all conference participants including delegates, funders, speakers and presenters, researchers and scientists, community representatives, leaders and the media. SVRI Forum opposes any disruption of conference sessions or satellite events that results in the inability for dialogue and debate to take place.

SVRI Forum would like to recognize and warmly thank the International AIDS Society (IAS) for the great work in preparing these principles which we have freely taken and adapted for SVRI Forum 2019 and expanded on for Forum 2022. Thank you.



All participants attending a conference are subject to the laws applicable in the host country. By attending a conference, participants also agree to adhere to the SVRI Forum principles.


The conference will provide support and space for meaningful participation to enable a broad spectrum of viewpoints.

Prior resolution:

The principles are intended to guide the conference organisers’ response to actual disruptions that prevent participation. The SVRI Forum encourages dialogue among and with participants prior to action that may result in disruption of participation. Advice and assistance in facilitating dialogue and resolution and in preventing or de-escalating a disruption are available.


The conference reserves the right to withdraw the name badge, and therefore, deny access to participants who do not adhere to these principles.

involving disruptions
within sessions and
satellite symposia,
the exhibition hall
and conference centre

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Session slide:

In session halls, a slide will be available which reads “Please respect the right of the speaker to be heard and of other participants to hear the speaker.” In the event of verbal disruption, the Chair of the session may signal the audio-visual technician to display the slide. The slide may remain displayed until there is calm. If there are further disruptions, the slide may be displayed again.

Application of the law:

The conference participants are subject to the laws applicable in the host country. Physical force or threats of physical force or destruction of property by conference participants will be dealt with in accordance with the laws of the country. In addition, the response may include the escorting of participants from the conference venue.


In the event of disruption or action that does not respect these principles, the conference may withdraw a participant’s name badge and suspend or cancel the participant’s access to the conference.

Access appeal:

If a conference participant feels that his or her access has been wrongly withdrawn, the participant will have 24 hours to appeal the decision with the conference organisers. Appeals will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Public statement:

In the event that property is destroyed or physical force is used or threatened by a participant, the SVRI Forum may issue a statement concerning the action within the framework of the SVRI Forum Code of Conduct.

Other procedures
and measures
for supporting

The conference will offer or provide other measures to support or facilitate meaningful participation.

Sessions Participation:

The conference programme will include conference sessions and activities for various viewpoints to be expressed and for dissenting voices to be heard, as key elements of the SVRI Forum’s commitment to enhanced participation and open dialogue.

Prior Dialogue and Consultation:

The SVRI Forum encourages open dialogue among and with participants prior to the conference and prior to any action that is contemplated and that might result in disruption of participation. Relevant SVRI Forum committee members will consult with activist and advocacy organisations, sponsors and local partners, and other participants on measures to increase and facilitate participation.

Networking and Meeting Space:

The SVRI Forum will provide spaces in the conference venue to facilitate and support dialogue, discussion, and networking.

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