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The Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) – a global network of more than 6 000 members – is the world’s largest network on research on violence against women (VAW) and violence against children (VAC), providing a space where global role players in the field connect with one another, share and promote their research, work to influence policies and improve the lives of those who have experienced gender-based violence.

SVRI was established in 2003, by the Global Forum for Health Research and initially hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO) before moving to the South African Medical Research Council in 2006.

The SVRI became an independent organisation in 2019. It is incorporated as a non-profit organisation under South African law (SVRI NPC 2019/197466/08) having spun out of the SAMRC. The decision to move was taken after extensive consultation with our core donors, advisors, members and partner organisations.

Our core work is centred around four key areas which include building evidence,strengthening research capacity, promoting partnerships and influencing change.  

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See the SVRI Strategic Plan 2020 – 2024 

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The biennial SVRI Forum enables networking and collaboration to take place, being the face of SVRI, and in the eyes of many, irreplaceable.  

The SVRI Forum is a vibrant, informative and safe space for researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, donors and others to share and learn about research, developments and innovations in the field of violence against women and violence against children. It is the largest conference dedicated to research on prevention of and responses to violence against women and violence against children


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The SVRI Forum is


Providing a mix of oral presentations, roundtable discussions, science pitches, films, exhibitions and social activities to maximise engagement. 


Sharing new, innovative research and interventions in the field and using creative ways to communicate and disseminate findings.

Focused on building capacity

Building expertise in research methods and practice through various events. Researchers learn how to use evidence to influence policies and programmes. 

Participatory and interactive

Encouraging active participation throughout the Forum events and presentations, and fostering discussion, interaction and networking.


Promoting participation and considering speaker experience when developing conference sessions, ensuring a mix of emerging researchers and global experts.


Promoting South-North and South-South, researcherpractitioner and researcher-policymaker partnerships. Researchers are encouraged to involve local partners and jointly present findings.


Encouraging participation of multiple sectors and networks at the Forum to ensure robust debate and diverse approaches.

Focused on low- and middle-income countries

 Building evidence for improved responses and prevention efforts in LMICs.

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For more information on the Forum, visit our Forum page here and see our conference outputs here. 

For more any questions and comments, please contact us at 

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