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COVID-19 Information

Due to COVID, SVRI Forum was moved from 2021 to 19-24 September 2022 in the hope that we will be able to hold a face-to-face conference. However, given that COVID is continually changing with different variants emerging, and with many countries struggling to purchase and roll out vaccinations we realise that a fully face to face event may not be possible.

SVRI Forum is costing and planning for three different scenarios

  • Face-to-face event: Forum as we know and love. If the risk of COVID is still around, we will make every effort to keep delegates safe by adhering to strict COVID-19 measure such as the wearing of masks, sanitising and social distancing, following the guidelines set out by the Mexican government and the World Health Organization to curb the spread of the virus.
  • Hybrid event: A smaller Mexico based/regional event held alongside a virtual Forum with webinars leading up to the Forum and a series of activities afterwards).
  • Fully virtual event.

To help us decide, we are undertaking regular risk assessments considering global and local (Mexico) trends, host Government policy; crowd density; nature of contact; event duration; travel restrictions, vaccine availability, and more, to make decisions around the hosting of the conference. The Organising Committee will make use of the WHO Mass Gathering COVID-19 Risk Assessment Tool – Generic Events, version 2 to guide us in our assessment.

SVRI, our local co-host CRIM-UNAM alongside SVRI Leadership Council and Board and partners will make a call on whether we will hold the Forum as an in-person event, hybrid event or full virtual by end March 2022.

We are grateful for your continued support and enthusiasm for the SVRI Forum 2022 as we navigate these challenging and ever-changing times.


World Health Organization risk assessment process


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