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Networking is a powerful tool to build relationships, to access personal and professional opportunities, and to grow through what we learn from others. The SVRI Forum 2022 will offer various networking opportunities over the course of the conference week.

Events will include:

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Opening and welcome event

The SVRI Forum 2022 opening and welcome event serves as the official opening of the conference and offers a semi-professional, semi-social networking space for all delegates.

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Gala dinner

The SVRI Forum’s Gala dinner is without doubt our most popular social and networking event at the conference. This event offers delegates the opportunity to network freely and informally while having some fun!

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Networking events

More information on networking events at the Forum forthcoming.

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SVRI Forum is a kind, safe space where we value and nurture well-being of all who attend. More information on well-being activities forthcoming.

We would welcome your ideas for networking at SVRI Forum.
Write to us at

Networking resources

Below, find some valuable reading on how to build your networking skills for making the right connections!

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